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Professional Development Grants


Westford Education Foundation, Inc. (WEF) is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes innovative educational initiatives and champions life-long learning. We do this by building a wide community of support, fostering ideas, channeling resources, and funding exceptional learning programs.

WEF seeks to encourage and advance innovation and creativity on the part of teachers, students, parents and other community members by granting funds for new endeavors consistent with Westford Public Schools and/or Nashoba Valley Technical High School curriculum but beyond the scope of the school budget.

Who may apply for a WEF grant?

WEF invites all Westford Public School and Nashoba Technical High School faculty and administrators to apply for grants that supportdevelopment initiatives, both during the school year and the summer months. Professional Development Grants support teachers and administrators wishing to expand their content knowledge, acquire new skills, seek out intellectual renewal, and bring new, innovative ideas into the classroom.

What do WEF Professional Development Grants support?

  • Innovative and creative classes and conferences consistent with the Westford Public Schools and/or Nashoba Valley Technical High School curriculum
  • Impact a significant number of students and have a lasting benefit to the Westford community
  • Encourage collaboration among teachers and administrators to enrich education

Grant Policies

  • Funds granted may be used to pay tuition and materials costs associated with attending a one-day or multi-day workshop, course, institute or special program.
  • WEF will not fund proposals that are more appropriately covered by the school budget, e.g., course work for degree candidates, national board certification, re-certification, self-directed programs, travel related expenses, retroactive, or stipends for staff.

Grant Criteria

The WEF Grant Committee will review all proposals. Decisions are made using the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a teacher or administrator who works directly with the children.
  • The proposed initiative must contribute to innovative ideas back into the classroom, and be shared with the applicant’s team. The application must describe in detail the professional development initiative, statement of
    goals and objectives, and a detailed budget.

Evaluation of Funded Grants and Publicity

Grant recipients must agree to account for and write a brief evaluation of the project at its conclusion. Also, grant recipients must attend the awards ceremony and assist WEF in publicizing their projects to other Westford Public School and/or Nashoba Valley Technical High School faculty, administrators, parents, students and the community through various press publications. When issuing oral and written statements and/or press releases and when presenting the result of any grant, grant recipients must include the following statement: “THIS PROJECT IS MADE POSSIBLE (IN WHOLE OR PART) BY A GRANT FROM WESTFORD EDUCATION FOUNDATION”.

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